AfriCart – a handcart for Africa

ED302 – design & technology

10.0 Further Development – Product enhancement

The AfriCart is designed as a “Push or Pull” cart, however it could also be easily reconfigured to be drawn by a Donkey or Goat.

Goat Power

More accessible alternative to Donkey-Power is Goat-Power. Because of the AfriCart’s breadth, the unit could be one or two goat powered – further lightening the load for the transportation-short women and children of rural Africa.


Bicycle Power

With no real alteration, and a simple length of strapping, the cart can also be reconfigured to be towed behind a normal domestic bicycle.


In East Africa there are mass transportation buses called matatus, these matatus compete for customers through a combination of aggressive touts and vehicle decoration. All these vehicles carry slogans such as: “The Lord is my Provider” or “The Gunners” emblazoned on their sides.

the lord is my provider


beach boy

Even the “Scanias” of Southern Africa get decorated – often with the wing mirrors of motorbikes and the slogans and logos of their favourite European football teams.

Load Height

The “off the shelf” AfriCart has a low sided load bed. For greater vertical load capacity (say you had a load of low value high volume cabbages to take to market) these sides could be extended upwards either by inserting cardboard or a wooden board.

Too increase the height on a permanent basis the frame could be routed and tongue and groove planks used to build the frames’ side walls higher.


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