AfriCart – a handcart for Africa

ED302 – design & technology

05.0 Design Specification -The final design drawings & costings

Technical Drawings:

Any carpenter capable of producing a chair, table, or window frame can easily build an AfriCart, although it has been found that many African village carpenters have difficulty following a (complex) dimensioned construction drawing.




Materials List:


If the material is reclaimed from pallets etc. then the cost of timber should be nil or minimal. However, to produce this prototype I used virgin timber.

The required timber:

6 x 38″

8 x 25″

1 x 50″

Modern timber is traditionaly sized in feet and inches although it is priced by the metre.

Sawn timber (4″x1″) is priced at 0.72 GBP/m. (Source)

Price for 12.3m of unplaned timber: GBP 8.80


2 x 26″ bike wheels (front and rear from damaged bike) – recycled/”found” quality (including second rear axle)
Price GBP 0

2 x 7″ spindles (1 from rear and one sourced from scrap) – recycled/”found” quality
Price GBP 0

Price for wheels: GBP 0


Written by Jeremy

February 16, 2009 at 12:57 pm

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