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ED302 – design & technology

04.0 Design Ideas – Investigating possible solutions

Before I had researched the problem properly, my original plan was to build the frame in Aluminium and I looked at various joining techniques including brazing as TIG welding was unavailable in the workshops.


A special brazing compound(researched from the internet) did not really effect a strong enough bond and so I decided to swop materials: mild steel. For this I learnt how to MIG weld and started to build the frame out of 22mm box tube



At this point I had to take a break for personal reasons and when I returned I started to research the problem properly, and as a result, I decided to pursue the wood and bicycle wheel route.


Eventually I came back to my original metal frame design but built in wood planking.


At the bottom RHS you can see the pin and pivot method that was my original plan for joining the handle to the cart body.


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February 16, 2009 at 12:56 pm

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